Aggregate Innovators’ Blinding Buster prevents blinding on screens

Kerry Clines

April 15, 2010

RO54-AggregateInnovatorsThe Blinding Buster screen cleaner from Aggregate Innovators, LLC, was designed and built by quarry workers at Duff Quarry in Huntsville, Ohio, to address the problem of blinding. The unit, which can be set up in less than an hour, consists of a motor assembly and control assembly. The motor assembly comes standard with a 20-foot 3/8-inch chain that can be cut to any length or extended to accommodate all screen sizes, horizontal or vertical. The chain is dragged back and forth across the screen, preventing the build up of material. The unit, which is safe for vibratory and high-frequency screens, is wired for 110-volt alternating current, but can be converted to 12-volt direct current for portable plants.

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