Trail King Newest Live Bottom Trailer Delivers More Payload


January 10, 2008

West Fargo, ND Trail King Industries has introduced the new Advantage Series Live Bottom asphalt trailer that delivers over 2,000 pounds more payload than previous trailers.  This next generation” of Trail King asphalt trailers offers all the benefits of live-bottom horizontal discharge with a new lightweight, modular, strong design.


The best just got better,” says Dean Badinger, sales manager for Trail King™s live bottom trailers. With this trailer, we have greater capacity, better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity. And, because it is lightweight without compromising strength or capacity, this newest trailer in our live bottom line can haul up to a full ton more payload than the competition.”


The Advantage Series Live Bottom features 60-degree sloped walls to reduce load segregation during transport, and eliminate bridging problems. A heat- and oil-resistant two-ply rubber continuous belt moves the entire load to the rear for discharge. The 36-inch belt is attached to patented steel slats, and moves by means of self-lubricating double-pitch roller chain on steel tracks. This drive system is comprised of a direct hydrostatic drive, a double-reduction planetary gearbox and a solid, one-piece drive shaft that eliminates the problems normally associated with chain drives… quickly making it the best drive system in the industry.


Optional features include manual and electric tarp systems. Various tailgate options include an air lift door, a split rear door and a concrete tailgate. Multiple-axle configurations are available, with air-ride and air-lift suspension options. An optional 102-inch wide body provides extra capacity.


Safety, reliability, capacity, low maintenance, and proven performance… Trail King™s Advantage Series” Live Bottom Asphalt Trailer is designed with the asphalt industry in mind.


In addition to the Advantage Series Live Bottom, Trail King manufactures a complete line-up of trailers, including a wide variety of open deck trailers such as tags, tilts, detachables, hydraulic tails and sliding axles; end dump, bottom dump, and side dump trailers; live bottom trailers; pneumatic dry bulk trailers; and specialized multi-axle trailers for the specialized hauling industry.

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