Innotech Solutions’ tramp release and clearing systems for HD Symons Crushers


August 10, 2011

  •  Large clearing stroke
  • Total clearing cycle can be as short as 10 minutes
  •  Extremely easy to install in the field (16 Hrs.)
  •  Simple, rugged and reliable with no nitrogen to leak
  • Practically maintenance free
  •  Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  •  Includes Universal Power Unit to Clamp, Lock, Adjust and Clear
  •  Service and maintenance people will love it’s safe operation
  •  Very reasonable price


  • Drastically reduces downtime—- Increases profits
  •  Makes cavity clearing safer—-Improves morale and attitude
  •  Rugged and reliable—-Saves money
  •  Crusher operates with constant clamping force between adjustment ring and mainframe, minimizing ring bounce —-
  • Saves maintenance and repair costs.
  •  Allows the operator to set the crusher at smaller setting to maximize the product tonnage, because the fear of stalling the crusher and then having to dig it out is eliminated—-
  • Makes more salable product and therefore profits.
  •  Return of your investment is typically less than 1 year.

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