Trenchworks – Pipe and utility trench estimation software for calculating excavation and material quantities from profile drawings.


January 29, 2009

TrenchWorks allows you to quickly and easily calculate:

* Excavation quantities including bedding, backfill, native fill, total cut and export volumes.
* Pipe lengths by material type.
* Bedding and backfill material volumes by material type.
* Strata cut volumes.

Trench Segment View

Allows easy tabbed access to all the segments of a trench. Each segment screen allows you to set the dimensions of the the trench segment and to select the pipes, conduit, bedding and backfill materials in that segment. Each trench segment may contain up to 50 separate pipes and conduits.

Job Trenches View

The Job Trenches View gives you an overview of the trenches that make up the job. A series of tabs gives you quick and easy access to your trenches. For each trench, the program shows a graphic of the trench as well as the trench excavation and materials quantities.

Trench Profile View

The Trench Profile View allows you to keyboard in all of the invert elevations, manhole locations, elevations and strata information. Up to 50 different strata can be entered for the trench. TrenchWorks also allows digitizer input of all invert elevations and manhole locations.

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