Two suspects charged with arson in Jack’s Mountain Quarry case in Virginia

May 22, 2013

The two trucks were discovered on Jack's Mountain Road. (Photo: Google Maps)
The two trucks belonging to Jack’s Mountain Quarry (point A) were discovered on Jack’s Mountain Road (highlighted in red). (Photo: Google Maps)

Two men have been charged with two counts of arson following the April 27 discovery of two burned trucks belonging Jack’s Mountain Quarry near Union Hall, Virginia, The Franklin News Post reported.

Roger Lee Brown, 28, and Joseph Edward James, 34, are suspected of burning a 1999 Ford truck and a 2002 Ford truck that belonged to Jack’s Mountain Quarry.

The two men have been charged with damaging private property and entering the quarry property unlawfully.

Authorities said they found the two trucks about a half mile from the quarry on April 27 at 6 p.m. after responding to a vehicle fire call.

Lieutenant Justin Sigmon from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said the men likely drove the vehicles around a locked gate at the quarry onto Jack’s Mountain Road. He said the trucks got stuck about half a mile away, at which point it is believed that the suspects pulled over and set fire to the vehicles.

Investigators said the men may have also driven a skid loader within the quarry before leaving with the trucks.

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