UK developer proposes food by-product energy, fill at rock quarry

August 23, 2013

(Photo: The Peel Group)
(Photo: The Peel Group)

A developer in Ramsbottom, UK, is requesting permission to use food by-products to create energy near Fletcher Bank Quarry and to fill a portion of the quarry, according to a report from This Is Lancashire.

The Bury Council in 2005 granted developer Peel Holdings permission to extract hard rock from Fletcher Bank Quarry, but required the company to end quarrying in 2042 and to restore the site by 2043.

Peel Holdings wants to add an anaerobic digestion facility (ADF) to its site, which would use food by-products to generate electricity. The developer also wants to fill the northern part of the quarry with some of the materials from the ADF.

At a public meeting in June, Peel representatives told nearby residents that the energy generated would be used to provide electricity to the nearby Marshalls concrete manufacturing facility. The ADF would be built and run by Tamar Energy for at least 25 years.

The plan is intended to ensure the quarry is restored before the quarrying permit expires.

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