UltraMaxTM Hydraulic Fluid


February 15, 2011

UltraMax hydraulic fluid, endorsed by Eaton Corporation, is a world-class hydraulic fluid jointly developed by Valvoline and Eaton. It is comprised of a unique blend of balanced proprietary additives and premium mineral base oils designed to provide superior protection in today’s modern high-pressure, high-speed severe applications in both industrial stationary and mobile applications.

  • Superior hydrolytic stability, along with outstanding protection from corrosion and rust, leads to longer equipment life and lower replacement costs.
Provides excellent wear and oxidation protection without any compromise to overall performance.
  • Outstanding thermal stability, as shown in double-length Cincinnati Machine thermal stability tests, keeps sludge and its by-products from forming on critical parts such as spool valves and pen filters.
  • Broad operating range for a monograde hydraulic fluid, with excellent low- and high-temperature performance. 

Contains a balanced elastomer-conditioning additive to prolong the life of hoses and seals.

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