Unleashing the beast — the Zaxis 850LC-3


June 25, 2009

Operating the Hitachi Zaxis 850LC-3 for the first time can be an eye-opening experience. Many wonder how Hitachi managed to package so many of the larger EX1200’s engineering characteristics into an 850 body!


The 850LC-3 is suited for quarries, demolition, and heavy construction jobs. The pairing of Isuzu’s Tier-3-certified 532-net-peak-hp (397 kW) AH-6WG1XYSA-03 engine with Hitachi’s HIOS III hydraulic system has increased engine output as well as bucket and arm digging forces. Operators can tailor machine performance to the job by selecting one of three power modes Economy (E), Power (P), or High Power (HP). HP ensures efficient arm roll-in during deep excavation.

Configuration Options

Weighing 185,120 pounds (84,152 kg), the Zaxis 850LC-3 comes standard with a 14-ft. 5-in. (4.4 m) arm, a 29,321-lb. (13,300 kg) counterweight, and 36-in. (900 mm) double grouser shoes. Additional arm lengths that can be ordered are 12-ft. 1-in. (3.7 m) and 17-ft. 9-in. (5.4 m). Also available are a 23-ft. 4-in. (7.1) mass excavating boom with a 9-ft. 8-in. (2.95 m) arm and a 32-ft. 10-in. (10 m) boom. Thirty-inch (750 mm) and 40-in. (1020 mm) shoes are available as well. 


Productivity Features

The Hitachi HIOS III hydraulic system uses arm and bucket regenerative systems to boost front attachment speed. A boom mode switch, when turned on, reduces vibration and impact shock-loads due to less lifting or pulling of the body, increasing comfort.


The CRES II cab sports a wider, more comfortable seatback, more foot room, and 47-percent more glass on the right-side window compared to its predecessor for excellent visibility. The cab is pressurized to keep dust out. Pedals have been reshaped for easier use. And the cab structure has been strengthened to protect against greater external pressures.


The large color LCD multifunction monitor is multilingual. The digital screens can provide instant informational records from the on-board monitoring system. When attachments are used, instead of climbing on the boom to make valve adjustments, the operator can make simple oil-flow adjustments from the seat using the monitor. Short-throw, low-effort levers mean fingertip control with less operator fatigue.


The ZX850LC-3 can fill the Hitachi EH750-3 rigid-frame Haul Truck is six to eight passes; the EH1100-3 in nine to eleven passes.


Increased Reliability

Undercarriage and front component improvements have been made as well. For example, the loading capacity of the swing circle has been increased by adding more ball bearings to the swing circle. The boss diameter of each track link is bigger. Upper and lower rollers have been widened to increase contact areas while idlers and sprockets have been increased in diameter for more durability. Front component pins are larger, and the arm and boom are thicker and made from stronger materials.


Easier Maintenance

With the Dash-3, Hitachi has simplified many maintenance chores. A wider service walk makes it easier to get from the cab to the rear. The spacious central passage provides easy access to the engine. The radiator and oil cooler sit side by side instead of in-line for easy demounting. This makes it easier to clean around the radiator and oil cooler while improving oil cooling capacity. In addition to a pre-filter, dual main fuel filters are standard, reducing fuel line clogging.


Service intervals are 500 hours for the engine oil and 4,000 hours for the hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil filter intervals have been extended from 500 to 1,000 hours.


As a bonus, three years’ worth of Hitachi’s ZXLink™ Ultimate telematic remote machine monitoring system is included in the price of the machine, when purchased from an authorized Hitachi dealer.

Cool on Demand

The ZX850LC also has a cool-on-demand cooling system that runs the fan at the speed required to keep the excavator running at peak performance. This also reduces noise and saves fuel. The fan direction can be reversed from the cab, enabling the operator to keep the cooling cores clean and the machine up and running. 


For more information about the Zaxis 850LC-3, visit your local Hitachi dealership or go online to www.hitachiconstruction.com.

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