Vaculift Technical Features


June 16, 2008

Vaculift Technical Features

  • Fully self contained tank-beam unit can be hooked up in a matter of seconds.
  • Visual-audio alarm for low vacuum.
  • Double set of lugs to suit any single or double suction pad arrangement.
  • A 360° hydraulic rotator, which is standard for excavator use, is powered by the excavator”s bucket curl circuit.
  • Quick fittings for easy pad change.
  • Vacuum source is a rotary vane pump with oil circulation.
  • Power source is a self-contained diesel engine with electric start.
  • Operation is electronic by remote control. However, a wired-control is available.
  • A sophisticated wireless remote control has many “fail safe” features.
  • Only the suction pad(s) must be changed to switch to a different pipe diameter.
  • All Vaculift models will support the material for 15 minutes or more after the engine is shut off.

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