Vandal destroys seismograph at Magruder Limestone Co.

Kerry Clines

January 23, 2018

destroyed seismograph
Photo: Sunrise Beach Police Department.

Police in Sunrise Beach, Mo., say that someone destroyed a seismograph at Magruder Limestone Co. sometime between Friday evening, Jan. 5, 2018, and Saturday morning, Jan. 6, LakeExpo reports. The seismograph, which has been at the center of a debate in the local community, was worth an estimated $5,000.

According to Magruder Limestone Operations Manager Craig Bollinger, the seismograph was rented by a third party monitoring agency to measure air and ground vibrations during blasts at the quarry. Magruder is in the process of replacing the equipment. 


Contract drillers receive $20,000 reward for apprehending quarry vandal

Wadley Crushed Stone Co., along with Gary Ingram Paving & Grading Inc., Wier Grading & Clearing LLC, and GT Drilling, paid out a $20,000 reward ...

“We found a metal bar at the scene that was used to beat on the machine to open it up and destroy it. It is obvious it was not an accident, and it was purposely vandalized,” Sunrise Beach Police Chief Jeff Campbell told the news agency, adding that the seismograph was not easy to access. The vandals would have had to park across the highway from the seismograph’s location and cross a ravine to get to it.

It’s not known, at this time, if the vandalism was related to the quarry’s desire to expand its operation, but it has stirred up some concerns in the community.

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