2016 Top Rollout: Vermeer’s T1255III terrain leveler

Therese Dunphy

December 20, 2016

terrain-leveler-lead-photoVermeer’s T1255III terrain leveler creates an alternative to drilling and blasting. The surface excavation machine allows the operator to work precise seams of material and work along a highwall. A hydrostatic motor mounted on one side of the cutting head provides direct drive power to the drum, while giving the machine the ability to excavate highwalls up to 80 degrees on one side. The cutting head can cleave up to 21 inches deep and 144 inches wide, reducing stone to 6 inches or less while reducing fines. The 600-horsepower unit weighs in at 150,000 to 250,000 pounds, depending on boom options.


2016 Top Rollout: Volvo's 75-ton EC750E excavator

2016 Top Rollout: Volvo’s 75-ton EC750E excavator

The EC750E is Volvo’s largest North American excavator to date. The 75-ton unit was designed to deliver heavy lifting power and high productivity without sacrificing ...

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