VIDEO: Giant-sized Jenga

Therese Dunphy

April 17, 2014

 giant jenga

In a short film in its new “Built For It” series, Cat highlights five equipment operators facing off in a super-sized Jenga game. The catch? Eight tons of wooden blocks were moved using M316D, 320E, and 349E excavators, TH514C telehandler, and 277D multi-terrain loader.

Shot in an arena larger than two regulation-sized football fields, a total of 12 cameras captured 28 hours of game time and boiled the results down to a 2.5-minute video. As in the table-top version of the game, players removed pieces from the center and bottom of the block pile.

To ensure the blocks would slide during the game, the crew sprinkled them with the same wax used on shuffleboard tables to allow the pucks to slide. In fact, the crew purchased every can of wax in a 40-mile radius of the film set.

Enjoy the results in the video, but don’t try this at home. These operators have a total of 121 years of experience and are clearly Jenga aficionados.

[youtube DWc8dUl7Xfo nolink]

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