VIDEO of the Week: Caltrans/Vulcan Materials develop unique way to transport material to jobsite

Kerry Clines

January 12, 2018

construction over road
Screenshot from Caltrans video.

In the video below, Sam Yniguez, a public information officer with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), highlights a conveyor system bridge that will be used on the Kings Canyon Road (State Route 180) project in eastern Fresno County. The system will improve safety, reduce vehicle emissions, and relieve traffic congestion by transporting an estimated 800,000 tons of material from the Vulcan Materials Co. yard, over the highway, to the jobsite on the other side, thereby eliminating the need for trucks to cross the highway.

“I thought it was a great idea,” says Mike Sheffield, engineer with Security Paving Co., in the video, adding that the idea for the bridge actually came from a Vulcan Materials employee. Having the site in such close proximity to the materials supplier created a unique opportunity.

Once the material is on the other side of the road, it will be picked up by conventional earth moving equipment and move it to where it’s needed within the project. The conveyor bridge will be active for approximately six to eight months, has drawn interest from the construction industry, as well as the public.

“Caltrans is always looking for innovative ways to get the job done,” Yniguez notes.

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