VIDEO of the Week: Truck gets load of rip rap at Sloan Quarry

Kerry Clines

May 19, 2017

In this week’s video, a customer truck is being loaded with rip rap at Aggregate Industries‘ Sloan Quarry in Nevada. The rip rap is being supplied for the Las Vegas “Weir” project that has been going on for approximately 10 years. The city is building 16 weirs throughout the city to help control erosion caused by stormwater, and filter the stormwater before it goes into Lake Mead.

The weirs are built out of 4- or 5-foot boulders stacked in cases 20 feet tall. When the water hits the weirs, it percolates down through them and comes out the bottom. This slows down the flow of the water and reclaims it for the lake.

After watching the video below, be sure to read all about Sloan Quarry in the May issue of Aggregates Manager.


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VIDEO of the Week: Surge pile to secondary at Sloan Quarry

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