VIDEO: Volvo features pint-sized equipment in action

Therese Dunphy

June 25, 2014


At ConExpo-Con/Agg earlier this year, Volvo Construction Equipment announced that it was teaming up with Lego to create working models of two of its machines: the wheel loader and the haul truck. The collaboration marks Volvo’s 60th anniversary of the wheel loader, and kits are expected to be available later this year.

[youtube yyKA3jjIVxE nolink]

The models drew quite a bit of media attention during the big show in Las Vegas, and at Hillhead, Volvo took the initiative one more step with working models on display.

The remote-controlled toys were featured in a loader bucket full of gray Legos, which simulated rock in an aggregates operation. Two operators moved the machines around the ‘work zone.’ While the full-sized equipment on display at Hillhead certainly drew crowds, these miniatures seemed to draw plenty of attendees to the Volvo’s stand as well.

When it comes to marketing savvy, this partnership goes well beyond child’s play.

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