Volvo celebrates Shippensburg plant expansion with commemorative L60G loader

March 22, 2013


Our sister publication, Equipment World, reported that on Thursday Volvo celebrated its $100 million plant expansion in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. At the celebration, the company unveiled a commemorative L60G wheel loader with an American flag on one side and a Canadian flag on the other, shown in the video below.

[youtube EsvSxxaTxyk nolink]

Volvo said the Shippensburg plant will produce its L60, L70 and L90 loaders, as well as perform machine rebuilds. The company will also make excavators and articulated haulers at the plant, but Volvo has not yet determined the timing for those machines.

The plant expansion includes a 36,000-square-foot Americas headquarters building and a customer center set to open in 2014.

At the ceremony, Volvo also announced it has moved paver production to its facility in Letterkenny, Pennsylvania. Other announcements included the inauguration of the company’s excavator plant in Russia, plans for a backhoe plant in India and the movement of its Americas backhoe production to Brazil.

Read the full story at Equipment World’s website.

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