Volvo F-Series large wheel loaders are uncompromising production machines


March 29, 2010

Volvo_L220FVolvo Construction Equipment has been perfecting the wheel loader concept for more than half a century.

The Volvo F-Series wheel loaders bring to the market the toughest, most reliable, fuel efficient loaders. The Volvo L150F, Volvo L180F, and the Volvo L220F are designed and built for optimal machine and operator performance, no matter the application. These workhorse machines can handle all types of jobs, such as rock loading, logging and material handling.

Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology

Volvo F-Series wheel loaders have Tier 3-certified Volvo engines with Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT). This environmentally friendly technology provides the engine with higher torque at lower speeds, leading to higher fuel efficiency. These Volvo turbocharged engines also operate with low levels of noise and exhaust emissions.

Volvo F-Series wheel loaders feature Volvo-designed and manufactured drivetrain and hydraulic systems. They also have automatic power shift that selects the right gear for the job at hand, adding to the machines’ outstanding fuel economy. These models also feature an intelligent load-sensing hydraulic system that provides exact distribution of power when needed.

OptiShift technology

The new innovative OptiShift with Volvo-patented Reverse By Braking is a refinement of the exceptional Volvo APS driveline concept. The Reverse By Braking (RBB) function automatically assists the machine’s deceleration by applying the standard service brake instead of the torque converter. It applies when the operator uses the gear selector control for changing direction of operation from reverse to forward or forward to reverse. Less loading stress on the torque converter and transmission provides increased durability and will cut fuel consumption by up to 12 percent versus Volvo models without OptiShift.

Superior breakout torque

Volvo also designed a patented T-linkage lift-arm system that produces the greatest degree of breakout torque. The T-linkage system puts all the power and flexibility of Volvo F-Series wheel loaders in the hands of the operator, with excellent control of heavy loads and optimized visibility of attachments and rollback angles.

The new Volvo Care Cab

The operator’s work environment is important. That is why Volvo has taken special consideration for the operator when designing the machine cab. The Care Cab is the safest, most comfortable workplace built for a machine. The cab is ergonomically designed with improved sound and vibration dampening. The Volvo Care Cab has been fully tested for rollover and falling-object protection (ROPS / FOPS).

Volvo L150F and Volvo L180F

The Volvo L150F and L180F are highly maneuverable wheel loaders that can perform fast cycles in stockpile loading, yet also have enough power to handle logging, hard material and rock loading. The L150F has a breakout force of 41,520 pounds and a bucket capacity of 5.2 cubic yards. The L180F has a breakout force of 48,270 pounds and a bucket capacity of 6.0 cubic yards.

Volvo L220F

The Volvo L220F is the toughest of the F-Series line. The L220F has a breakout force of 50,470 pounds and a bucket capacity of 7.1 cubic yards. It has been designed for extremely rugged work conditions. Despite its size and weight, the L220F is easy to operate and provides smooth handling.

CareTrack telematics standard

CareTrack is Volvo Construction Equipment’s state-of-the-art telematics system used to manage a machine’s productivity and maximize its availability for work. Using GPRS (mobile network) or satellite technology to send information, data is available securely and instantaneously to any remote online connection. CareTrack is now standard on all machines 12 tons and over. In addition, Volvo provides a 36-month CareTrack service subscription at no additional cost.

Volvo cares about the environment

Environmental care is one of Volvo’s core values. From the drawing board to the customer, Volvo F-Series wheel loaders are designed for optimal performance with minimal environmental impact. Tier 3-certified V-ACT engines reduce emissions without reduced power, the internal exhaust system reduces NOx emissions by lowering combustion temperatures, and the entire machine is more than 95 percent recyclable.

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