Volvo VHD and the Volvo VHD 430 (w/ sleeper berth)


November 29, 2011

Volvo VHD models are designed for nonstop reliability in extreme weather, rugged terrain and crowded construction sites.  They’re engineered so bodybuilders can work with speed and efficiency, which helps customers get their trucks delivered faster.  And to help hire and keep the best drivers, every VHD combines dependable performance with plenty of comfort and safety.

The Volvo VHD features a spacious cab that makes life more comfortable and productive for the driver, with extra room between the seats and plenty of storage for personal gear. The VHD also offers superior insulation and soundproofing that keeps the cab as quiet as most passenger cars.  Doors are double sealed to keep out water, wind and noise.

The Volvo VHD is designed to operate at the highest level of dependability, maneuverability and payload capacity. With all its power and efficiency, the VHD can help operations run easier, faster and more profitably every day.

Not all vocational assignments are day jobs and the VHD 430, with an innovative sleeper berth, is ideal when the occasional over-nighter means the difference between staying on schedule or falling behind.

The Volvo VHD is designed to protect drivers and their payload. It features a high-strength steel cab, three-point seat belts and driver-side air bag. It also comes standard with a host of heavy-duty safety systems for added peace of mind.

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