Volvo’s F-Series articulated haulers feature V-ACT

Kerry Clines

March 8, 2011

Volvo says its new F-Series articulated haulers are equipped with the company’s D11 (A25F, A30F), D13 (A35F), and D16 (A40F) Tier 4i engines featuring Volvo Combustion Technology (V-ACT), which improves fuel efficiency, reduces noise levels, and increases engine life. The A25F and A30F feature a power increase of 5 percent and 20 percent more torque; the A35F features an increase of 5 percent horsepower and 12 percent torque; and the A40F features a 6.1 power-to-weight ratio. The hauler’s Automatic Traction Control (ATC) selects fuel-saving 6×4 drive and only engages 6×6 drive when necessary. An electro-hydraulic dump lever allows in-cab adjustments of dump body heights. The fully hydraulic dry disc brake system helps control speed while hauling downhill and turning into curves or crossroads. A front hydraulic suspension helps enhance operator efficiency and comfort. The Volvo Care Cab provides a roomy operating environment.

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