Vulcan Materials subsidiary, Southwest Gulf Railroad, breaks ground on Medina Line in Texas

Kerry Clines

September 25, 2017

TrainVulcan Materials Co.‘s short-line rail subsidiary, Southwest Gulf Railroad Co. (SGRR), has broken ground on The Medina Line, a 9-mile common carrier rail line located in Medina County, Texas, 30 miles west of San Antonio, American Shipper reports. The new line will connect with the Union Pacific (UP) and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) railroads and will have access to U.S. Route 90 for trucking purposes.

“Medina County is strategically positioned to tap into the underlying strength of the Texas economy and the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure,” Jeff Lott, southwest division president at Vulcan Materials Co. told the news agency. “With the continuing recovery creating demand for construction materials in Texas and the Gulf Coast, The Medina Line will better connect the Vulcan Medina Quarry and other customers to serve the market while creating local jobs and economic opportunity here in Medina County.”

“The Medina Line represents a timely opportunity for employers to enhance their supply and distribution capabilities to better serve the growing economy,” said Erik Remmert, vice president of SGRR, according to the news agency. “We’re marketing a low-cost, convenient connection to the regional, national, and global marketplace. For Medina County, this is just the start of an economic engine that will generate new jobs, new tax revenues, and spur economic growth for Texas. Interest from prospective customers and employers is strong, and that’s exciting to see.”

The Medina Line is slated for completion in 2019.


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