Vulcan listens to residents’ concerns, submits enhanced plan for Texas ready-mix plant

Kerry Clines

February 20, 2018

Vulcan Materials CompanyVulcan Materials Co. listened to the concerns of nearby residents and filed an enhanced plan for the modern concrete facility it is building at Boerne Ready Mix. The plan includes repositioning the plant on the site to provide additional screening and buffer areas and direct sound away from neighbors, as well as fitting mobile equipment with white noise back-up alarms. Vulcan is working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to implement road improvements on Highway 46 near the entrance to improve safety and traffic flow.

The plant will also have a comprehensive dust control plan, including a modern air collection and filtration system to capture dust, protective enclosures, an automated silo control system, a paved entrance and plant areas to control dust and prevent track-out on local roads, a sweeper to remove dust from traffic areas, pre-washed raw materials to reduce fine dust in the process, and walled sand and stone storage areas with watering systems will control dust.

“At Vulcan, we strive to be a good neighbor and do things the right way,” says Vulcan Regional General Manager John Berger in a press release. “We will operate Boerne Ready Mix in a safe and responsible manner and work with our neighbors to create a thoughtful, community-minded plan. We will employ the latest technologies designed to protect air quality, water resources, and the health and well-being of our neighbors and the communities we serve.”

The 7-10 acre project, which is set on a 34-acre site with mature wooded areas, will have a landscaped, decorative entrance and naturally vegetated areas and mature trees to provide more than 20 acres of buffer space. It will meet or exceed regulations and guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TxDOT, Kendall County, and the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District. 


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“As an industry leader in protecting the health of our employees who work at our facilities, this site will be safe for our employees inside the gate and our nearest neighbors, who are more than 1,000 feet away and beyond,” Berger adds in the press release.

In addition to the natural buffer area, the property will have a 9-acre wildlife and butterfly habitat, an outdoor education area, and a 1.5-acre rainwater pond with an innovative rainwater capture system that will provide nearly 80 percent of the water used at the concrete plant. The company will also develop a stormwater management plan to manage water runoff. Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel will be stored in an above-ground, double-walled tank sitting inside a concrete liner to prevent spillage.

Vulcan set up a website,, for neighbors to learn more about the facility, sign up for email updates, and contact the project team. Residents can also call Vulcan’s community line with comments, questions, or concerns at (830) 515-4430.

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