Vulcan to mine west side of Azusa rock

May 27, 2013

(Photo:City of Azusa via LA Times)
(Photo:City of Azusa via LA Times)

Vulcan Materials will begin mining the west side of Azusa Rock in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, which is expected to generate millions of dollars for the city of Azusa, California, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The project–approved in July 2010–includes funding for scholarships and open space and a pledge to create a new trail head to Fish Canyon Falls.

People opposing the operation have said mining the area will scar the mountainside, worsen air quality and block access to a trail head to the Fish Canyon Falls area.

This is Vulcan’s second mining operation in the Azusa area. The company has operated a rock quarry at the mouth of Fish Canyon Falls on the east side of Azusa Rock but wanted to move operations closer to its processing facility near Duarte and Azusa.

The start of the relocated Vulcan operation follows a series of battles with the city of Duarte:

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