W.S. Tyler F-Class vibrating screen minimizes vibration

Kerry Clines

May 7, 2012

W.S. Tyler says its new F-Class vibrating screen minimizes structural vibration, delivers a consistent stroke, and, with the right media, virtually eliminates blinding and pegging. The screen features an advanced eccentric shaft design supported by four high-performance, double spherical roller bearings.

According to the company, the double eccentric shaft creates a constant positive stroke that handles material spikes without losing momentum. As the eccentric shaft turns, the screen body is forced to follow the shaft movement. While it travels upward, the counterbalance weights move in the opposite direction, creating an equal force to that generated by the body. As a result, the forces cancel each other out, allowing multiple screens to be placed side by side and reducing investment in additional structures. The design is said to keep noise emissions low for a quieter system and reduced overall plant noise. The screen’s continual circular screening action produces a constant, optimized G-force. The unit can process up to 5,000 tons per hour.

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