W.S. Tyler’s Ty-Wire screen media combines polyurethane and wire cloth

Kerry Clines

August 23, 2012

W.S. Tyler combined the durability and longevity of polyurethane with the greater open area and cost-effective characteristics of woven wire cloth to create its new Ty-Wire screen media. Comprised of high-carbon woven wire encased with an engineered grid comprised of polyurethane composite, Ty-Wire is able to withstand high temperatures and high tonnages, while offering a wear life up to six times longer than wire cloth, according to the company. The new material delivers up to 80 percent more open area than modular polyurethane, which minimizes blinding and virtually eliminates pegging. The hybrid design is also said to reduce maintenance costs and enhance product longevity. The media is compatible with any vibrating screen and requires no deck conversion before installation.

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