Wash and Sort: Equipment for cleaning and classifying materials

Therese Dunphy

October 8, 2013

Cleaning and classifying aggregates is a breeze with this line-up of equipment.

SL-AM1013-McLanhanTrouble-free separation
Hydrocyclones, or cyclones, are used in a variety of applications including classification, de-sliming, fines recovery, and dewatering. The McLanahan Separator, a derivative of the hydrocyclone, is said to have answered many of the problems specifically related to processing sand and fines with a traditional cyclone. A customizable separator system combines the McLanahan Separator with the company’s rubber-lined slurry pump to provide a trouble-free, low maintenance operation. The system is able to recover +200/325 mesh material from waste streams. Recovered material can be selectively blended back into screws or road-based mix or stockpiled as a stand-alone product.
McLanahan Corp. | mclanahan.com

decanter centrifuge photo3Three-stage separation
Phoenix Process Equipment now offers the SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge. Offered as part of its separation/dewatering technologies and process solutions, the three-phase process allows material to form three relatively stable levels under the centrifugal force with a solid phase layer, heavy liquid layer and light liquid layer from the bowl wall inward. The solid-phase layer moves to the small end of the bowl by the screw conveyor and discharges from the slagging port. The heavy-liquid layer and light-liquid layer will flow along the holes between the spiral blades, then drain from different outlets to complete the three-phase separation.
Phoenix Process Equipment Co. | dewater.com

SL-AM1013-KPI-JCI9000DewateringScreenHigh G force dewatering screen
The 9000 Series Dewatering Screen from KPI-JCI is designed to reduce moisture content of washed sand and offer a complete system from the manufacturer. The screen is cable of reducing moisture content of washed sand down to as low as 8 to 15 percent. Available in sizes ranging from 2- by 7-feet to 8- by 16-feet, the unit’s 1/4-inch stroke operates at 1,200 rpm, providing high G force action to separate water from material. It is equipped with urethane media, has an adjustable incline from 0 to 5 degrees, and can be packaged in portable, semi-portable, and stationary systems.
KPI-JCI | kpijci.com

GreyStoneAutomated log washer
GreyStone’s automated log washer is said to increase efficiency and lower labor costs. The manufacturer worked with a long-time customer to design an automated log washer with a hydraulic support system tied to a PLC sensor that detects the tonnage going through the unit. When the tonnage decreases, the system detects it and increases the angle of inclination — also increasing the material retention time in the unit — until the sensor detects the proper tonnage. If the tonnage increases, the hydraulic system automatically decreases the angle of inclination, which decreases material retention, until proper tonnage is detected.
GreyStone, Inc. | greystoneinc.com


SL-AM1013-TerexwashplantPortable screening and washing
Terex offers the TXW620HT Portable Screen and Wash Plant. The 6- by 20-foot ElJay triple-shaft horizontal three-deck screen has a full spray system, and an under-screen fines collection flume with a splash-type spray system on each deck. Twin 36- by 25-foot screws process material. The unit has three chutes: a heavy-duty discharge chute including a top deck over chute with discharge to the front of the plant, a middle deck chute discharging to the side, and bottom deck chute discharging to a 24-inch cross conveyor.
Terex Minerals Processing Systems | terex.com

SL-AM1013-Metpro-Washpro 3Fine material washer
Met Pro’s Wash-Pro Fine Material Washers feed minus-3/8-inch material into a pool area before it is conveyed up the inclined tub by a rotating screw. The screw helps liberate clay and other contaminants that are sticking to particles, while the incline allows the water to drain down one side as solids are fed up the tub until being discharged out the top. Adjustable weirs can be raised or lowered to adjust the amount of fines carried over. Single and double screw configurations are available. Urethane wear shoes are standard, with the option of hard iron.
Met Pro Supply | metprosupply.com

wstylerCleans deleterious material
The Hydro-Clean washing unit from W.S. Tyler is said to clean deleterious material from aggregate, recycled and other minerals while reducing water consumption by up to 75 percent over traditional log washers. Unlike traditional washing systems, which can require up to three screens along with a log washer or screw, the producer only needs an additional wash screen for the discharged material. The washing unit removes silt and clay particles as small as 63 microns from mineral mixtures and, with its short retention times, can process up to 400 tons per hour, depending on model size and application. Water consumption ranges from 27 to 211 gallons per minute, depending on application and model size.
W.S. Tyler | wstyler.ca

SL-AM1013-Sturtevant classifierGravity-based air classification
Sturtevant’s Whirlwind Classifier incorporates an internal fan and rejecter blade classification system. The self-contained design does not require cyclones, valves, dampers, ductwork, external fan or the additional supports required to handle these components. The feed is belt conveyed into the unit by gravity, and de-dusted manufactured sand exits the classifier by gravity for belt conveying to the clean pile. Dry minus-200 mesh fines exit the unit in the same manner to a fines by-product pile.
Sturtevant Inc. | sturtevantinc.com

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