Wedgelock Rakes


December 14, 2007

Whether you require a rake for rock sorting, forestry clearing or green waste disposal and loading, Wedgelock offer a wide variety of rakes for contractors or operators involved in a number of different industries.

Wedgelock Rakes are typically designed and manufactured to a customer™s specification although a number of standard options are available including Curved and Straight models.

Wedgelock Rakes are manufactured from medium strength materials with a number of options available including replaceable tips, wear resistant tyne inserts, closed end plates and extra tynes to enable sorting of rock or other material.

Features of Wedgelock Rakes:

  • Robust construction from medium strength and wear resistant materials
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and designs available
  • Can be custom-designed to operate with thumbs
  • Manufactured to suit excavators from 3.7 Tonne (8,100 Lbs) and above

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