Weir Minerals Linatex new hose options

Kerry Clines

February 23, 2012

Weir Minerals Linatex is offering new hose options that include a preformed hose bend, a wear indicator system, and an enhanced cut end hose system. The company says the new preformed hose bend is intended as a replacement for hard-walled pipe bends in slurry transfer pipelines, providing wear-life improvement over standard metal pipe. The rubber tube absorbs the energy from moving slurry and returns to its original form while dampening vibrations.

The new wear indicator system provides 24-hour hose monitoring. Unlike other wear indication systems that only check for breaks in the wire, the Linatex wear indicator system senses a change in resistance as measured by ohms, making it an early-warning system for hoses.

The cut end hose has been enhanced by increasing the standard working pressure to 150 pounds per square inch. A new reusable, lightweight-aluminum flanged coupling provides better aesthetics and performance.

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