Yokohama Tire implements corporate management changes

April 2, 2013

Yokohama logoYokohama Tire Corporation (YTC) has implemented multiple corporate strategic management changes, including naming a new CEO. These changes are effective May 1.

Hikomitsu Noji is YTC’s new CEO. In his new role, Noji assumes the overall leadership of YTC in addition to being president and representative director of The Yokohama Rubber Co. (YRC). Though Noji will travel to the United States regularly, he will remain based at YRC headquarters in Tokyo.

Takayuki Hamaya will retain his title of COO but will take on new responsibilities, including heading day-to-day operations such as strategy development, corporate planning and driving YTC’s business performance.

Yashushi Tanaka is returning to YRC as assistant to the president of Tire Business Group, a role in which he will oversee YRC’s global plans on new plant constructions and expansions on existing plants. Tanaka was formerly YTC’s president and CEO, a role he maintained since June 2011.

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