Youngtown, homeowners association sue local sand, gravel operation developers

July 31, 2013


The town of Youngtown, Arizona, and the Agua Fria Ranch Homeowners Association have filed a lawsuit against the developers of a proposed sand and gravel operation beside the Agua Fria Ranch subdivision, according to a report from Your West Valley News.

The suit, filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court against Olive Avenue, LLC and the Salt River Materials Group (SRMC), alleges that the project poses an imminent safety and health risk and that a proposed berm could increase the potential for flooding by degrading flood control measures.

According to the complaint, Olivia Avenue and SRMC used outdated information and did not properly analyze the impact of the proposed berm and sand and gravel pit when applying for a permit.

The proposed operation would take place within as few as 35 feet of the 783-home subdivision, Youngtown officials said in a release last week.

A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, where a preliminary injunction to stop mining could be issued.

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